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Response to N0THANKY0U backwards' "Who Killed The Internet? (2023/03/17)

This was intended to be a comment, but YouTube is fucking shit, so I couldn't post this even in censored form, so fuck it, I'll just post it here. I have even expanded on it. It's better anyway, since I can use raw imageboard-appropriate language without getting banned... hopefully. If I do get banned, whatever, that will just get me to move to i2p or onionland faster.

Who killed the internet? It was a combination of normalfags, ideologues and capitalism (including "people" like Steve Jobs (RIP in piss, I'm glad he's gone, but I'm not glad he was ever here in the first place), and corporations, and the people running the corporations, that are also the people running the governments). No need to mention communists because capitalism and communism are the same, both eventually lead to total centrality of power, and the people fighting over which one is the good one are suckers and are getting manipulated.

And yes, the media is one of the major players there, it exists in the first place so that the people that control the world can brainwash the masses and maintain their system, and until it's gone, nothing will ever be good again, and they will continue to essentially run every government on the planet by controlling who is perceived as a viable candidate. Of course, their garbage doesn't work on me because (almost) everything that attracts normalfags happens to naturally disgust and repulse me. That includes both the crap that they watch on TV (even as a kid it disgusted me, I only watched anime and cartoons in general) and the horrible garbage that is now popular on YouTube.

Anyway, imageboards are relevant, so I might as well mention my history. I first went to 4chan in I think 2009 after hearing about it on YouTube, though I only started posting in 2011 (only lurked until then, and looked at all the old memes and things that happened before, because I knew to lurk moar, and I knew what happened to unprepared newfags). I left when moot made his "4chan was never about freedom of speech" post, in the very beginning of the GamerGate stuff, that I knew basically nothing about at the time. I was also hearing about the people that he was associating with at the time, and did not like that. I think that was in 2014, so, when N0THANKY0U backwards started using it. Before leaving, I mostly went to /a/ and /jp/. I went to /r9k/ initially but quickly got bored and quit. The original content and greentexting did not last very long, it became all about hating women, which I agreed with at the time (and I still do, because I hate people and I have been told that women are people), but was also bored by.

After quitting, I heard about 8chan (including from the traitor cripplekike midget himself, Hotwheels) and stayed there until it died, but there as a gradual decline in quality as more exoduses happened and brought in users with increasingly lower standards. Actually went to /pol/ for a while (I think until 2016), but didn't get along with people there and got banned like, three times. Also got banned from /v/ for making fun of Nintendo selling people cardboard boxes, or their games being made for babies, or whatever it was. Board owner was a big Nintoddler. From what I hear, though, he is the one currently running 8chan.moe, so, he's fine, I don't have a problem with him.

So, because of all that, and the general low quality of the more popular boards, I mostly went to the smaller ones, that were definitely way better. Also got banned from /a/ maybe once, and had some pretty high-effort posts removed, and a lot of other people had problems with the board owner as well, because mods=fags (that's a constant, not a variable), so the /animu/ board was created, and that was the biggest board that I went to by the end of it, the others were all smaller.

I realized over that time that it is basically impossible for a board to be good and not be slow. There simply aren't that many people out there that are of any worth at all, and also, when threads are fast, each individual post gets less attention, and it becomes harder to keep up an actual discussion. Longer posts are frequently ignored, and aren't really worth making because threads don't last as long.

After 8chan was framed by the media for the extremely shady El Paso shooting. It was done by the son of an obvious Jew, that behaved way too calmly for someone in that position (and had shelves shaped like a "star of David" in the background). He supposedly posted his manifesto on 8/pol/ at the time (I didn't go there at all at that point), and the media used that to take 8chan down, I think with Trump's support (who then took the opportunity to pass some more gun control), because supporting freedom of speech only lasts until elections are over. From memory, I'm pretty sure that he also posted it on Instagram first, but of course, that doesn't count, because that's a corporation. The manifesto itself made no sense. Also, the FBI used posts full of (You)s as "evidence". The entire situation glowed in the dark like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, after 8chan was destroyed, I looked for an alternative, but nothing quite worked (I found various boards, but they were either dead or just not quite right for me). I only returned to 4chan in 2020, and I have mostly just lurked. The webring boards also became a thing, though most of those are very slow. It's also worth mentioning that more recently, I improved my 4chan experience significantly by just searching through the archives (4plebs and Desuarchive for what I want. I have actually replaced search engines with that, to a degree, which is good, because those are basically worthless at this point, other than a few niche ones with fewer results overall (Wiby and Marginalia are both very good).

When it comes to post-scarcity of entertainment, we have already had that for quite a while, but even that will soon be gone, when digital ID becomes required to use the internet (coming soon, already being tested worldwide, and it will be tied to digital currencies that are also being tested, and then to a social credit system, that is also being tested in some locations).

There will never be total post-scarcity of anything, because the people controlling society (old banker families and their organizations like the UN and the World Economic Forum) and controlling technology don't want that. They always create artificial scarcity so that they can keep their positions above everyone else. It's not enough for them to succeed, others must fail. They can't be rich and have the highest status if everyone has everything. And they do enjoy making people suffer, which is how they were able to get to those positions in the first place, when anyone with empathy could not. Access to resources will be completely under their control, and people that do not stay in their pods and eat ze bugz will be kicked out of society and either starve to death or be hunted down.

Anyway, I agree with escaping as much as you can, for the most part. The problem with that is that there is no escape in the long run. The American natives could only escape to the west until there was no west to escape to anymore, and that is our position as well. This entire planet is under their control, every place on it is the fucking same, and even then they feel like they don't have enough power and control. The internet and real life are being merged, and have been merging since the normalfag infestation began, and putting your real identity and data on the internet became the norm.

I will not go along with that, but I recognize that I probably won't survive. They will lock you out of society, and even if you run away to the middle of the woods, the psychopaths will go after you and they will poison your land, and send their goons after you, and create more "regulations" that they can use to take away your land, because they will not be content with not owning and controlling absolutely everything on this planet. Of course, with digital currency and digital ID becoming a thing, you are going to need that digital currency to pay property taxes, and you won't be able to own land at all if you don't keep your social credit up.

So, I don't think running away will be enough in the long run, people really have to fight, but I also have a hard time seeing that happen. The internet itself is doomed, eventually they won't blacklist websites that they don't approve of anymore, it will be a whitelist. Only approved corporate crap will be allowed to exist online.

Though of course, the next Carrington event may wipe all of that out sooner than later, but then we will have other problems to deal with, and eventually all this will repeat once again.

GNU Social → Pleroma

Using GNU Social instead of Pleroma as of December 18th. So much better. Ridiculously better. Probably entirely usable in Emacs, that level of better. It should not be impressive, though, what should be impressive is how bad Pleroma is. I don't think I have ever seen a more resource-intensive and slow website. Not to mention the constant error messages.

Still haven't felt like improving this page yet. Whatever, it works. Function over form.

Gotta work on a page to at least link to other websites, before Odysee dies.

Funny shit. Don't take antipsychotics, though.
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